Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CMT Prefabricated Facade Panels

2011 has been a very busy and productive year so far, and we have lots to share with you, including our new Prefabricated Facade Panels (pictured above).

The panels are a product of a research and development project in collaboration with Anderson+Anderson Architecture and Bay Pacific Construction. We are now happy to offer them as part of our growing roster of in-house prefabricated building solutions.

Cut with our Hundegger SC-1with Dovetail mill creating a wood-on-wood connection secured using galvanized and special treated self-drilling deck screws. The result is a modern, modular, sustainable cladding solution that can be built in any dimension up to 8' wide by 28' long.

Ultimately customizable, choose from a variety of species (including Oak, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar seen above), surface treatments (from rough sawn to four-sided planed), and finishes (stained, or for a natural look try LandArk Exterior Finish as pictured above.)

Taking advantage of 3D modelling technology, all customization takes place first in the virtual world then in our factory setting with no on-site adaptation required. This dramatically speeds up the process of siding a building: an entire house can be sided and finished in a few days using our Prefabricated Facade Panel system.

A 100% sustainable product, our Prefabricated Facade Panels make use of local renewable materials with low embodied energy. Our optimized 3D design and efficient CNC process yields a minimum of offcut waste.

A perfect solution for an aging building needing a facelift, or a new build trying to achieve a clean modern look. For more information on this and any of our other prefabricated building solutions, please contact us.

Check back in the next few weeks as we introduce a new member of the CutMyTimber team,  and showcase a few projects we have been busy with over the past few months.


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