Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Timber Frame Raising in Oregon, USA

The frame we cut a few weeks ago has been successfully delivered and installed.

The building site is beautiful, in the middle of Oregon's wine country. How much nicer could it possibly be?

The raising crew was lucky and had mostly nice weather. They did an amazing job and managed to install the frame in less than 3 days.The pre-cut SIP panels got installed in 3 days as well.

All  CNC pre-cut joinery fit perfectly.  The high level of details paid off and made for a stress free installation on site. Things like chamfered tenons, pre-drilled peg holes and proper labeling make a HUGE difference for the assembly crew. Read more about how we fabricated this timber frame in an earlier blog.

Nice and tight!!! Traditional tapered shoulder girt to post connection with hidden spline and position tenon.

Thanks again to my team, the raising crew, and everybody involved. You all did a wonderful job!!
Congratulations to the new owner of the house. I am sure this timber frame will last for generations making it a pleasant healthy home for you and your guest. 

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